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Carl Sagan wrote that early scientific and academic discoveries did little to benefit the societies in which they were being made,...

Ponder the Small.

I’ve been contemplating the size of things lately. Not like “I’m 6’1” and my wife is 5’ 8”” sizes, but more like macro-verse vs....

May 20th, 2021.

If your very existence scares a Nazi, conservative, cis man, or evangelical… you’re probably doing something right. Be fantastic, my...

The Drift.

**Beep** Drifting weightlessly is a feeling I don’t think humans have ever quite gotten used to. There’s just something about good, old...


He was not alone in his home tonight. He did not know how he knew, but he knew. There was a rhythmic knocking at the door, a crunching of...

Hastur's Hallway.

It started as most things do, which is to say under fairly mundane circumstances. The group, consisting of coworkers from some large and...


“Create, create, create!” shouts the heart. “But don’t fail.” warns the brain. And the heart retreats. ----------------------------------...

Podcasts: A Love Story

Podcasts started for me as a way to pass the time during long shifts at my first job, which had large portions of time overnight where...


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